Article I - Purpose of the project

The European Summer Music Academy (ESMA) is a project aiming at exchange of experience among European pedagogues, artists and students in the field of music both from the European southwest region and from other countries. The project should contribute to foster mutual understanding in the region by bringing students and pedagogues from different countries and communities together.

Article II - Working language

The working language of the ESMA is English, therefore all students and pedagogues should have a good command of English.

Article III - Conflict of interest

Students and pedagogues participating in the ESMA must not be in any conflict of interest which could jeopardize an independent and professional character as well as progression of this project.

Article IV - Project work method

Students have the opportunity to work with distinguished musicians with international level and experience, both concert and pedagogic, in interpretative master classes. Each student attends the same amount of lessons in his/her field, be it singing, instrumental, or chamber music. Each student can participate in one or more master classes depending on the number of the other participants. During the ESMA, students continuously prepare for the following classes hence improving their skills. While teaching, international pedagogues cooperate with the local ones, notably those of the Music Faculty of the University of Prishtina, thereby contributing to an experience exchange on a pedagogical level. All students of artistic schools will then have the opportunity to further benefit from this exchange.

Article V - Obligations of students and implementing partner from the Republic of Kosovo

Students who apply for the participation in ESMA need to fulfill all the conditions specified in the call for applications. Students are expected to actively participate in the master classes with their respective pedagogues as well as work individually out of the classes. If selected, students perform at the public concerts organized within the ESMA.

The local organizer (implementing partner from the Republic of Kosovo) provides accommodation, practice premises and organizational support to the students. The organizer is in charge of fundraising as well as organizational support to all concerts during the ESMA. The organizer further fulfills other obligations arising from an individual agreement with the embassy, which is going to patronage ESMA in the respective year.

Article VI - Artistic Director

The Artistic Director is responsible for a successful progression and artistic level of the ESMA. He compiles concert programs based on suggestions of individual pedagogues. The Artistic Director approves student nominations for all concert performances. He should ensure good communication and work atmosphere among pedagogues and between pedagogues and students. He can make suggestions to the organizer about new projects in light of ESMA's activities.

Article VII - Selection of pedagogues

Pedagogues will be selected by the Artistic Director based on his/her artistic concepts in closed collaboration with the foreign embassies in Kosovo as their respective donors as well. On the first day of ESMA, pedagogues will draft a timetable of master classes based on a pilot class with the students. Each pedagogue drafts a respective timetable for his/her class. It is important to ensure the same amount of classes for each student within the ESMA. Pedagogues in cooperation with the Artistic Director will decide on the program and student performers for the public evening rehearsals and concerts.

Article VIII - Public concerts

At all public evening rehearsals and concerts during the ESMA, each pedagogue will individually evaluate performance of each student from his/her master class. The Artistic Director will take into account nominations of pedagogues. Names, final program and the number of selected students performing at the ESMA concerts including the final one will be approved by the Artistic Director of the ESMA.

Article IX - Concerts of pedagogues

One or two concerts of pedagogues will take place within the ESMA. The program of these concerts will be prepared prior to the ESMA via communication with the Artistic Director.

Article X - Final concert

Based on suggestions of pedagogues and his/her artistic goals, the Artistic Director will draft the final concert program which will not exceed 120 minutes of duration.

The closing concert will include every year a respective program of the Festival Orchestra of ESMA and also different artistic works from participating students.

At the final concert, students nominated by the respective master class pedagogue and approved by the Artistic Director will perform works for solo playing or chamber music.

All actively and passively participating students of ESMA will receive the respective ESMA laureate diploma.

Article XI - Charter parties

All participating parties of the ESMA (pedagogues, students, implementing partner from the Republic of Kosovo, participating embassies and institutions) should agree and commit themselves to respecting this Charter.

By submitting this application I certify that I have read the Charter, agree with its content and will fully respect it.